Team Rules and Code of Conduct

School and Team Requirements for both Parents and Swimmers:

  • All athletes are required to have an annual physical, signed by a medical doctor, on file in the athletic office before they attend or participate in any practices.  Athletes need to give the head coach an updated emergency medical form before each season.  Also, athletes and parents must sign a code of conduct form and give it to the coach before they can practice.  All forms are available in the Athletic Office.  Completed forms are due in the Athletic Office or given to the head coach by October 15th each season.  (No forms = no swim).
  • Athletes must be passing 5 subjects with at least a D average in order to be academically eligible to participate in a varsity sport.  The eligibility is evaluated each 9-week period and on a weekly basis during the season. Questions on eligibility can be answered by the coaches or the administrative staff at BHS.
  • Athletes need to follow all school rules and team rules at all times. Violations can result in the athlete being denied the right to participate in the sport of swimming.  One area of concern this season will be the athlete’s use of electronic communications.  This form of communication cannot result in the harassment of team members!  Also, any negative comments on-line about the swim program or the coaches will not be tolerated.  If this happens, all school discipline procedures will be followed including the possible denial of the right to participate in the sport of swimming.  Parents and athletes need to understand that anything stated on-line can have both positive and negative effects and can often be misinterpreted.  Use any on-line comments in a positive manner.
  • Athletes need to have their own suite, goggles, water bottles, fins, and equipment with them at pool practices.
  • Attendance is always taken for all team activities.  Any athlete that is sick or injured before, during, and or after a practice needs to tell a coach immediately about the injury or illness. If your child needs to miss a practice because of an illness, injury, school conflict, or they have to spend time hitting the books, the athlete or parent must send Coach DeAngelo a text message before the missed practice.  A parent signed excuse needs to be brought to the next practice confirming the reason for the missed practice.  A missed, unexcused, practice could result in an athlete not participating in the next meet.

Individual Expectations:

  • Be on time for all team practices and activities.  Be in the water before 4:30.  The team schedule is available online and can be easily added to your cell phone, ignorance of the schedule is not an excuse.
  • Display a positive attitude and show respect to your teammates and coaches.
  • Challenge yourself and others to accomplish new things.
  • Maintain healthy personal habits.  How you treat your body will have a direct affect on how you perform.  Eat junk, and you’ll perform like junk.
  • Be a vocal leader at practice, in the locker room, and at school.
  • Demand quality and dedication from yourself and others.
  • Set realistic goals and use a day by day approach to accomplish them.
  • Understand that both you and your teammates will fail at times.  How you deal with the failure will determine your level of success.
  • Model motivation and experience success daily.
  • Complete all practices to the best of your ability.  No stopping within sets for any reason other than a medical emergency or injury.
  • Clean-up lane areas after practice.
  • Always work with a spotter when lifting weights.  Do not lift weights that are too heavy for the required exercise.

Team Rules:

  • Attendance is required at all practices and meets.
  • Report all injuries to a coach immediately.  We will decide if it is serious or not.
  • Do not come to practice if you are ill.  Text Coach DeAngelo to report off before practice.
  • During practice, stay in the pool area at all times unless a coach excuses you to the locker room.
  • Behave yourself in the locker room.  We are guests at Youngstown State University and you need to display proper behavior at all times.
  • Follow all Boardman High School and Youngstown State University Rules.
  • Act like ladies and gentlemen at all times.  Profanity, sexual harassment, and hazing (including electronic hazing) will not be tolerated.
  • Ride the team bus to all activities away from the high school.  Any alterations in your transportation schedule must be cleared by a coach before it happens.
  • Maintain academic eligibility by passing five subjects.
  • Notify a coach if you have a school conflict that will prevent you from practicing that day.
  • Think before you act!
  • Anyone who feels that they are being harassed or hazed by another person or a group needs to report it to the head coach immediately.
  • Boardman swimmers and divers take pride and responsibility in all aspects of their sport. They represent their school, coaches, and families at all times, including the time outside of practice.  Any member of the team who does not live up to the responsibility of being a good team member will be subject to all school discipline policies, including being denied the right to participate in varsity swimming and diving.

Swim Meet Etiquette:

  • All swimmers and divers must ride the team bus to and from an away-meet location.
  • Swimmers are not permitted to ride home with their parents or friends from away meets.
  • All swimmers will dress-up for away meets.  Shirts and ties for the boys and dress-up clothes for the girls.  No jeans or tee shirts are permitted on the away meet busses.  No dress-up, no go.
  • Wear team warm-ups on the deck when you are not in the pool.
  • Stay on the deck or pool locker rooms at all times.  You are not permitted to go into the bleachers or leave the pool area at any time without the coach’s permission.
  • The teams warm up together on the deck and in the pool.  All swimmers must warm down after races and at the end of the meet.
  • All swimmers should see a coach after their races.  Be ready to discuss the positives and areas for improvement of the race as well as your game-plan to improve for the next time.
  • Display good sportsmanship with opponents, their coaches and officials.  You can be disqualified during a meet for inappropriate behavior which could also result in a two meet suspension.

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