Spartans Compete at D1 Sectionals; Qualify 18 for the Northeast District High School Swimming and Diving Championships

The Boardman Spartan Swim and Dive Team qualified 18 athletes to compete in the 2020 Northeast District Division I High School Swimming and Diving Championships in Cleveland. Fifteen swimmers and three divers will represent the Spartans at the Robert F. Busbey Natatorium on the campus of Cleveland State University.

The divers will compete on Thursday and the swimmers will compete on Saturday with the goal of qualifying for the state meet the following weekend in Canton. Only 24 total athletes qualify per event for the Ohio
State Swimming Championships.

Spartan Girls Take 5th Place and Freshman Alexis Mihok Sectional Champion in the 200 Freestyle

Swimming in a Sectional Meet against state powerhouse North Canton Hoover, freshman Alexis Mihok won the 200 freestyle with a personal best time of 1:58.39. “The greatest part of Alexis’s race was that she was so smooth on the water, almost looked effortless. She’s worked very hard as a freshman and works on all of the little details to make her races even better,” Coach Cordon stated. “Our Girl’s Medley Relay team with Mihok, Abby Yocum, Sarah Varga, and Alyssa DiNapoli was the first event to swim, and they lit it up! They dropped time and placed 3rd right behind Hoover and GlenOak and touching out Canfield. This set the entire tone of the meet.” Mihok, Yocum, Varga, and DiNapoli also placed 4th in the 200 free relay and a trip to Districts.

2020 Spartan Girls’ Sectional Recap: PB=Personal Best: QU=District Qualifier

200 Medley Relay Girls: Alexis Mihok, Abby Yocum, Sarah Varga, Alyssa DiNapoli 1:53.77 QU

200 Freestyle: Girls: Alexis Mihok 1:58.39 PB QU, Casey Wert 19th 2:13.09 PB, Julia Basista 2:17.16 PB, Olivia Pickens 2:28.26

200 Individual Medley: Girls: Abby Yocum 15th 2:31.88, Madison Kelso 21st 2:44.69, Ireland Parker 24th 2:55.38 PB.

50 Freestyle: Girls: Alyssa DiNapoli 10th 25.71 QU, Sarah Varga 17th 26.42 PB QU, Allyson Schwendeman 30th 28.22, Tyler Williams 37th 29.68

1 Meter Diving (11 Dives): Girls: Madison Ricciuti 5th 317.90 QU, Anna Olivier 14th 112.80, Abby Russo 20th 80.00

100 Butterfly: Girls: Sarah Varga 6th 1:05.10 PB QU, Ella Huston 12th 1:07.15 PB QU, Ava Velasquez 22nd 1:16.94, Aadia Brinkley 29th 1:26.42 PB.

100 Freestyle: Girls: Alexis Mihok 7th 54..90 PB QU, Alyssa DiNapoli 10th 56.47 QU, Casey Wert 24th 59.73 PB, Allyson Schwendeman 31st 1:01.79.

500 Freestyle: Girls: Madison Kelso 20th 6:20.18 PB,, Ava Velasquez 21th 6:24.32, Gaby Pantaleo 33rd 7:21.32 PB.

200 Freestyle Relays Girls: Alyssa DiNapoli, Sarah Varga, Abby Yocum, Alexis Mihok 4th 1:42.09 QU

100 Backstroke: Girls: Ella Huston 11th 1:05.34 PB QU, Tyler Williams 28th 1:14.63 PB, Ireland Parker 34th 1:19.44, Gaby Pantaleo 37th 1:23.44 PB.

100 Breaststroke: Girls: Julia Basista 5th 1:11.94 PB QU, Abby Yocum 10th 1:13.62 QU, Olivia Pickens 18th 1:22.89 PB.

400 Free Relays: Girls: Casey Wert, Ava Velasquez, Allyson Schwendeman, Ella Huston 7th 4:05.01.

Spartans Boys Runner-ups at D1 Sectional Championships and Noah Basista Sectional Champion in 100 Butterfly and 100 Breaststroke

The Boardman Boy’s Swim Team competed in the Division 1 Sectional Championships at Canton Ohio on Saturday February 8th. Noah Basista was Sectional Champion in the 100 Butterfly by placing 1st with a time of 51.70. Basista also won the 100 Breaststroke with a time of 58.84. Boardman was runner-up to North Canton Hoover out of a 12 team division. “Our boys swam solid races and were really aggressive in the water. About half of our boy’s team were tapering for sectionals in hopes of getting fast enough times to make it to Districts. Their hard work during the season led to their success and we were able to get in 11 boys and all three relays for next week’s District Meet. Now we get to taper the rest of our boys and see what they can do,” Coach Cordon quoted.

2020 Spartan Boys’ Sectional Recap: PB=Personal Best: QU=District Qualifier

200 Medley Relays: Boys: RIver Flatley, Noah Basista, Matthew DunLany, Noah Basista 1:38.67 2nd QU

200 Freestyle: Boys: Will Linker 5th 1:49.88 QU, Jordan Stackpole 7th 1:50.40 QU, Ethan DunLany 10th 1:53.94 PB, Liam Parker 27th 2:11.29 PB

200 Individual Medley: Boys: Siman Mascola 6th 2:07.48 QU PB, Caleb Satterfield 8th PB QU, Yocum 14th 2:23.40,

50 Freestyle: Boys: River Flatley 22.09 PB QU, Justin Yocum 24.82 PB, Liam Manley 25.79 PB, Jacob Thomas 28.95.

1 Meter Diving (11 Dives): Boys: Teddy Anzevino 3rd 362.40 QU, Caleb Austin 10th 177.00 QU

100 Butterfly: Boys: Noah Basista 1st 51.70 QU, Matthew DunLany 2nd 52.74 QU, Jordan Stackpole 5th 54.89 QU, Brendan Beam 16th 59.64 PB

100 Freestyle: Boys: Will Linker 6th 48.86 QU, Jackson Behun 22nd :55.21 PB, Andrew Yocum 24th 56.37, Jacob Thomas 1:03.71 PB

500 Freestyle: Boys: Matthew DunLany 2nd 4:55.42 QU, Ethan DunLany 5th 5:00.64 PB QU, Carter Cailor 7th 5:05.62 PB QU, Steven Vasko 18th 5:35.04 PB.

200 Freestyle Relays: Boys: River Flatley, Carter Cailor, Siman Mascola, Jordan Stackpole 4th 1:30.90 QU

100 Backstroke: Boys: River Flatley 5th 55.77 QU, Carter Cailor 12th 59.51 PB QU, Justin Yocum 15th 1:01.49, Liam Parker 1:06.14 PB

100 Breaststroke: Boys: Noah Basista 1st 58.84 QU, Siman Mascola 7th 1:04.31 PB QU, Caleb Satterfield 1:05.91 QU, Jackson Behun 1:11.71 PB

400 Free Relays: Boys: Will Linker, Jordan Stackpole, Matthew DunLany, Noah Basista 2nd 3:16.46 QU