Congrats to the District Qulaifiers!

Spartans Qualify 14 to Northeast District High School Swimming and Diving Championships

Boy’s Team Places 4th and Girl’s Team Places 7th at Sectionals

Boardman High School is sending fourteen swimmers and divers to compete in the District Championships at Cleveland State University’s Busby Natatorium this weekend. Girls diving will be contested Thursday, February 19 at 11:30am and the boys will hit the boards at 6:30pm. Sophomores Madison Rast and Dominic Mariano are the Spartan qualifiers. Mariano qualified by taking first place at the Akron Sectional Championships and Rast moved on with her 8th place finish. The Spartans swimmers qualified five out of six relays and thirteen individual events to the division one competition. The swimming competition will be Saturday, February 21 at 12 noon. Coach Terry O’Halloran had this to say about the Spartan qualifiers and the sectional meet performances. “Division I high school swimming and diving is very competitive in Ohio. Getting five out six relays to districts is an outstanding accomplishment for our program. Only twenty relays make it per event out of the ninety plus teams at the meet. Our sectional performances were excellent with most swimmers getting lifetime best times. Our school transportation department also did a great job getting us to the meets under extreme weather conditions. The sectionals are rarely rescheduled and if you don’t make it to the meet your athletes don’t move on to the district or state meets. Our bus drivers are pros!”

Individual swimming qualifiers are led by Senior Brooke Bailey who is seeded 6th in the 100 breaststroke and 10th in the 100 butterfly. Junior Aaron DunLany is an 8th place seed in the 500 freestyle and 12th in the 200 free. Junior Corie Kuras is seeded 9th in the 50 free and 28th in the 100 free. Freshmen Callen Aulizia and Kyle Kimerer were also double qualifiers. Aulizia is seeded 11th in the 100 free and 13th in the 50 free. Kimerer is seeded 12th in the 100 butterfly and 13th in the 200 free. Senior Sarah Gonda is seeded 17th in the 100 backstroke and 30th in the 200 individual medley. Senior sprinter Amanda Moss seeded at 29th in the 50 freestyle. Joining the Spartan individual qualifiers are relay swimmers seniors Tyler Calpin and David Zaitzew, juniors Ethan Schwendeman and Andrew O’Nesti, and sophomore Logan Mitchell. The girl’s team qualified the 200 free relay as an 11th place seed and a 14th seed in the 200 medley relay. The boy’s 200 free relay is seeded 13th, 200 medley at 14th, and the 400 free relay at 15th.
In the team standing the Spartan boys placed 4th out of 15 teams and the girls took 7th out of 16 teams. Hudson won both meets.

Spartan 2015 Akron North Sectional Results: PB=Personal Best, FR=Freshman School Record, SR=School Record
200 Medley Relays: Girls: Sarah Gonda Brooke Bailey Corie Kuras Amanda Moss 7th 1:54.03 Boys: Callen Aulizia Andrew O’Nesti Tyler Calpin Ethan Schwendeman 7th 1:45.15
200 Freestyle: Girls: Logan Mitchell 24th 2:09.20 PB, Alexis Stutz 39th 2:18.72 Sarah Murray 40th 2:19.90 PB, Ariana Pasqual 44th 2:28.12 Boys: Aaron DunLany, 5th 1:49.24 PB, Kyle Kimerer 6th 1:49.64 PB FR, Tyler Calpin 22nd 1:56.34, Aidan Cervello 33rd 2:04.79 PB
200 Individual Medley: Girls: Sarah Gonda 16th 2:21.11, Kelsie Stutz 26th 2:25.81, Sabrina Kurelko 35th 2:36.65 PB, Sidney Hull 38th 2:39.56, Boys: Nicholas DiGiacomo 21st 2:15.17 PB, Angelo Russo 32nd 2:24.81 PB, Dillon Cailor 33rd 2:25.37 PB, A J Pantaleo 37th 2:30.92 PB
50 Freestyle: Girls: Corie Kuras 4th 25.16 PB, Amanda Moss 15th 26.03, Ella Hare 43rd 28.07 PB, Cynthia Romeo 47th 29.00 Boys: Callen Aulizia 4th 22.52 PB, Ethan Schwendeman 14th 23.31 PB, Michael Vidman 27th 24.48 PB, Noah Al-Shemmari 53rd 32.20 PB
1 Meter Diving (11Dives): Girls: Madison Rast 8th 306.10, Boys: Dominic Mariano 1st 349.85 PB
100 Butterfly: Girls: Brooke Bailey 5th 1:00.53, Lindsay O’Nesti 25th 1:08.46 PB, Sabrina Kurelko 31st 1:10.47 PB, Rina Andreatta 44th 1:3046 PB, Boys: Kyle Kimerer 7th 55.03 PB, David Zaitzew 22nd 58.36 PB, Tyler Calpin 27th 59.89, Tim Cunningham 38th 1:04,73 PB
100 Freestyle: Girls: Corie Kuras 16th 56.66 PB, Amanda Moss 29th 58.81, Alexis Stutz 41st 1:01.71 PB, Mia Bruno 49th 1:05.49 PB, Boys: Callen Aulizia 4th 49.49 PB , Ethan Schwendeman 14th 51.64 PB, Michael Vidman 29th 55.73 PB, Mario Skara 36th 57.04 PB
500 Freestyle: Girls: Logan Mitchell 16th 5:44.55 PB, Lindsay O’Nesti 27th 6:06.99 PB, Ariana Pasqual 35th 6:25.75 PB, Jessica Parillo 48th 7:00.86 Boys: Aaron DunLany 3rd 4:57.68 PB, David Zaitzew 20th 5:22.61, Dillon Cailor 31st 5:43.13 PB, Aidan Cervello 34th 5:49.34
200 Freestyle Relays Girls: Brooke Bailey Logan Mitchell Amanda Moss Corie Kuras 5th 1:43.75 Boys: Ethan Schwendeman Aaron DunLany Tyler Calpin Kyle Kimerer 5th 1:32.75
100 Backstroke: Sarah Gonda 11th 1:02.26, Sarah Murray 41st 1:11.28 PB Kelsey Calpin 43rd 1:12.06, Sidney Hull 51st 1:15.82 Boys: David Giancola 28th 1:05.11 PB Steven Stanko 32nd 1:08.36, Robert Lewis 47th 1:21.13 PB, Brendan Rutledge 48th 1:22.35 PB
100 Breaststroke: Girls: Brooke Bailey 4th 1:07.07, Kelsie Stutz 23rd 1:15.74, Victoria Baker 41st 1:23.55 PB Boys: Andrew O’Nesti 15th 1:06.40 PB, Nicholas DiGiacomo 25th 1:09.88 PB Zack Fryda 29th 1:10.96 PB Angelo Russo 35th 1:13.55 PB
400 Free Relays: Girls: Sidney Hull Logan Mitchell Kelsie Stutz Sarah Gonda 14th 4:04.97 Boys: Callen Aulizia David Zaitzew Aaron DunLany Kyle Kimerer 6th 3:25.79