Boardman Swimmers and Divers use BTUB Groups to Help Community.

While most high schoolers use the winter break to recharge their batteries and relax, the Spartan Swim and Dive Team is excluded from this routine. “This is the time of year when we get some extra work in. We do two practices a day…one in the weight room and one at the pool. The kids are tired and maybe even miserable, but they know this is our final push prior to our championship and tournament season,” states coach Carlo Cordon. “They have their goals…we remind them to keep these in their sights during this tough time of year.” The team isn’t only preparing to swim fast, they have used their little extra time to help with community needs. “Our team is broken up into three BTUB groups (Boardman Team Unity Building).

Each BTUB group is there to help our underclassman to have a smooth transition into varsity swimming. Each team has a group of seniors that organizes, plans, and participates in a community project. These projects included an item donation to the Veterans, a monetary donation to a Boardman family that had a fire in their house during Christmas Eve, and a group that served a community lunch at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Youngstown. “These kids make us very proud. They work very hard and are willing to help those around them. They are becoming the future leaders of our community,” mentioned Coach Cordon.