12-16-16 Important Info from Coach O’Halloran

Attention Spartan Swim and Dive Team Families

  1. Due to the limited response from our alumni, I am cancelling this year’s alumni meet that was scheduled for Friday, December 23. My hope is to have it rescheduled for next year and have it at a more convenient time for all to enjoy. My apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.
  2. The team will still practice at YSU from 8-10am on Friday, the 23rd and Saturday, the 24th with the bus leaving BHS at 7:15am. We will have our holiday gift exchange / treats after Friday’s practice in the YSU lobby. Even though the bus is available for a return trip to BHS, parents do have the option both of these days to take their kids home from YSU. As usual please notify a coach if you decide to do this.
  3. Practice has been cancelled on Saturday, December 31st at YSU due to the lack of available lifeguards. We will also not have dryland on the 31st.
  4. The starting time for Saturday’s Christmas Invitational Meet for prelims has been changed to 8:30am vs 8:00am.
  5. It is the time of year when we can expect last minute changes to our schedules. We notify you as soon as we find out. Last minute changes are never easy or convenient. We make these changes always considering what is in the best interest of the athletes. Please do not call the HS or the central office about swim team schedule changes before or after the fact. They are very busy when these changes occur. Call me instead because I am retired and I am a good listener.

Happy Holidays to everyone!